Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Introduction From Your Blog Host


My name is Andrew. Since graduating in computer science 2 years ago I have been working in different areas of technology including Oracle, Business Objects and reporting tools. I also have some experience in Microsoft Technology and currently hold MCP qualifications. In my current role I am working with VB6 and I also have experience working in other non-development technical support areas and have exposure to SQL Server database and networking principles as well.

On a personal level I do work in VB.NET 2005 Visual Studio building small applications and I use a local 10g Oracle Express Edition Database as a data source for my VB projects. This allows me to keep my skills and knowledge up to scratch and to always learn new ways of doing things and learn from my mistakes. I decided that it would be helpful to others to start a small blog to share my experiences of coding so that you can learn quicker and become more productive and experienced in a shorter time using these types of development tools. I am not going to go through structured subjects like in a book from the basics through pre-determined learning objectives, but I will endevour to share and explain as much as I can about the things I am doing, things that I think will help you, especially if you are a relative newbie to VB6 or .NET.

Hope you enjoy it anyway and any questions you might have about my posts or anything you need to know then do please ask.


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